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Yoga Etiquette

A tradition as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with a certain level of implied etiquette. Etiquette is not a loud and explicit rule; it is soft and subtle, yet it carries you further when you observe it in the right setting. Whether you are new or old to yoga earn good karma and respect from your fellow practitioners and teacher by brushing up on these Yoga Etiquette Tips!


Yoga Class Etiquette aims to promote harmony and to make every session as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible. 


Here are some guidelines to follow regarding Yoga Etiquette:

1. Strive to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the class. If you do arrive late, please wait outside the classroom for the teacher or another student to let you in after meditation is concluded. Arriving late for class not only compromises your experience, it also disturbs everyone else. Honor your teacher and fellow classmates and arrive on time! 


2. Leave your shoes & worries at the door. 


3. Yoga is an inward journey. Keep casual conversation during class to a minimum. 


4. Yoga is about breathing, not eating and chewing. Please, no gum chewing in class. 


5. Turn off your cell phone. 


6. Don't eat right before coming to class. 


7. Enter and settle down quietly. Do not slam your mat down on the floor to announce your presence and jolt everyone meditating or relaxing. Settle down quickly, greet your friends and relax until class starts.

8. Keep hydrated before class and drink as much as you’d like to after. This preparation, so to speak, should keep you content through your classes. If you’re going to bring a water bottle into class, make sure that it does not only not divert your attention from your practice, but that you’re also being mindful of the yogis around you. All in all, yoga should not be a “workout” in which you need a break for water every ten minutes. 


9. Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume. Some smells can be too much for some people especially when breathing as deeply as we do during a yoga class. 


10. Body odor ranks high on the list of offensive smells. Skip the perfumes and heavily scented lotions but don’t skip putting on deodorant!!! Respect your fellow practitioners.

11. Listen to your body, pushing yourself beyond comfort and pain is not part of any yoga practice. Remember, yoga is not a competitive practice – instead it is a practice.


12. Always inform the instructor of any & all past or current injuries or medical conditions so that poses can be modified for a safe yoga experience.


13. If you have to leave early, please inform the instructor prior to class. Savasana is the last pose of a class and the most important part for your body. It is an integral part of the practice as it allows the body and mind to lay quiet in total relaxation, integrating all of the good derived from your physical practice. Leaving during Savasana should be avoided as those who are there with you are committed to their practice and should enjoy the benefits of this pose free from the disruption or distraction of someone leaving. If you must leave the class early, please do so before final relaxation, not in the middle.

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