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Women's wellness yoga retreat in Maine

​Make yourself the priority, by removing yourself from your familiar surroundings, daily activities and responsibilities.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with yourself or with a girlfriend. So come relax, replenish and reconnect to what matters! Next retreat June 2021.

Yoga and " La Dolce Vita" in Italy


Experience  "La Dolce Vita" in the south of Italy! ​​This yoga retreat is a dream opportunity to immerse yourself in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere that harmonizes the pleasures of the senses with a healthy lifestyle. ​

Come enjoy the simple pleasures of all that Italy has to offer and be a part of an amazing journey!

Where: La Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia, Italy

When: November 13 - 20, 2021

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“As a group of 8 girlfriends, we just attended our third (fourth for some) annual Yoga Retreat in Maine. I can honestly say that we look forward to this DELICIOUS weekend of sun, fun, long walks on the beach, wonderful dining (awesome lobster), outlet shopping and FABULOUS YOGA SESSIONS taught by our favorite instructor...beautiful, inspiring and talented Cynthia!  Thank you for pulling off yet another fantastic retreat dear Cynthia, and we are already planning our girls getaway 2019!  You are a gift. ❤️”        Tinaz Chenoy

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